You Must Pay Attention To These 4 Things When You Make High-Quality Motion Graphics

You Must Pay Attention To These 4 Things When You Make High-Quality Motion Graphics
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It’s because now is the digital age, having Motion Graphics should already be listed in the way to promote your products/services. Have you done it? In making a video there are also stages that must be followed so that your video hits the heart. Similar to Motion Graphics, there are 4 main focuses when creating Motion Graphics. Aside from that, if you need to make an advertisement motion graphic for a large company, we suggest you hire an experienced 3D Mapping company.

Here are 4 main focuses that you should pay attention to when making high-quality motion graphics:

Contents: When going to make Motion Graphics, create content/ content in accordance with the theme that will be conveyed. This suitability will make your video viewers feel at home to see your other videos. Try to imagine when you have a video theme on how to save and fun holidays, but the contents of the difficulty of being a backpacker, do not match. Don’t waste your content!

Fonts: Fonts are the types of letters that we choose when making motion graphics. It is strongly recommended to choose fonts that are easy to read and professional so that viewers can easily remember and understand the messages in your video. Avoid letters that are complicated to read. It is unfortunate if your content is good but the selection of fonts is not right. There are people who are lazy to see your video.

Color Palette: Choosing the right color combination can make your video viewers feel at home. Can I use a contrast color combination? Because motion graphics are also art, there are no restrictions. It is possible to use a contrasting color combination, as long as it does not continue to appear in the video.

Sound Effect: Motion graphics without sound effects are like vegetables without salt, so tasteless. Never seen a video without sound, it seems there is something missing. Is it right? With the sound effect, your video will increasingly support the visual appearance, make an impression, grab the audience’s attention.