You Must Consider This Before Installing Transparent Roofs

You Must Consider This Before Installing Transparent Roofs
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Not all parts of the house can use a transparent roof for security reasons, especially for those of you who have houses in urban areas. Usually, the spots that use this transparent roof are an outdoor garage, gazebo, sunroom, and some areas of the house that are not very private, such as a kitchen or semi-indoor drying area. Apart from that, if you need experts to install new roofs on your house, we recommend you only call the best roofing company Santa Fe NM.

As for its materials, transparent roofs can be made using a number of materials. First, there is a transparent roof from solartuff. This type has a clarity level equivalent to glass. The surface is flat and smooth. Its strength is quite tough because it is leak-proof, not easily broken, flexible, resistant to weather changes.

Second, there is a transparent roof made of polycarbonate. This material is not as clear as glass because of its nature that dampens sunlight. So the area under this roof will still be bright during the day, but not so hot. In addition, polycarbonate is also waterproof and termite resistant so it can last quite a long time.

Third, there is a transparent roof made of glass. For this material, we recommend that you use it as a small skylight (window on the ceiling of the house). Because the glass material is quite heavy. If the support structure is not made perfectly, the risk of falling glass will be greater. Of course, this is dangerous for the residents of the house.

The use of a transparent roof can provide its own advantages for the residents of the house. As previously explained, a transparent roof can create a more modern and futuristic impression. Residents of the house can also save on lights during the day because sunlight can penetrate the roof. For those who place plants indoors, a transparent roof can keep the plants alive. They can still get enough sunlight without worrying about dying from drought.