Yoga Poses To Reduce Postpartum Weight

Yoga Poses To Reduce Postpartum Weight
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The increase in body weight does not stop there. Because, after giving birth, the body shape will also remain large, even twice as much as during pregnancy. Usually, to overcome this weight gain, many women are on a strict diet by really maintaining the intake and food consumed.

In fact, when breastfeeding, women are not recommended to reduce the amount of food. Because, after all, the baby needs quality milk. Quality breast milk can be due to food factors consumed by his mother. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a safe method to lose weight after giving birth. One method that is fairly safe and effective is yoga. Therefore, you need to join the Yoga Southgate class.

Here are some yoga poses to lose weight after giving birth.

1. Vriksha Asana
This one pose is indeed quite popular for weight loss, especially for postpartum women. In doing so, it does not require much stamina, meaning that it is safe to be carried out by a woman who has just given birth to her baby.

2. Bhujang Asana
In the science of yoga, this one pose is more familiarly called a cobra pose. The practice also resembles a cobra, namely sleeping on your back by lifting your chest and head like a cobra that wants to prey on its victims. Besides being easy to do, the cobra pose is also quite safe.

3. Dhanurasana pose
Next is the dhanurasana pose, which is to pose longitude. This one pose is very effective in burning fat in the abdomen, stomach, hands, and feet. Because the practice will be to rely on these four body parts.

4. Badhakonasana
This pose is better known as a butterfly pose. The movement is very easy and does not require a lot of energy. You only need to sit cross-legged by finding both feet. Do not forget to also hold him with both hands in a few moments.