What is Geofencing and What Are the Benefits for Shipping Fleet

What is Geofencing and What Are the Benefits for Shipping Fleet
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Geofencing is a familiar word in the shipping world. This is because every fleet of goods carriers from around the world uses a geofencing system. Actually what is geofencing from omnichannel marketing and what is its role in the world of logistics delivery?

What is Geofencing?
Geofencing is a tool used by freight transport fleets that functions as a geographical location tracker. The origin of the word Geofencing itself comes from the English “Geo” which means earth and “Fence” which means fence. Literally, the meaning of geofencing is a fence of the earth but in a real sense geofencing is a virtual fence that surrounds an area. Well, geofencing is one of the fleet management efforts that is very important so that the goods sent can be tracked by the client or by the shipping airline.

Geofencing works by creating a virtual perimeter in a GPS-based geographic area. Well, this perimeter is used to mark boundaries around certain areas so that it looks like a virtual fence. The extent of this virtual boundary is unlimited. It can be in the scope of the house, village, city, to the country though. Because the system works via GPS satellites, the device used must have a GPS with good accuracy.

Usually, the use of geofencing is applied in geographical locations involving the delivery of goods such as distribution centers, ports, warehouses, and delivery destinations. Later, all activities carried out by the fleet will be tracked through software notifications or through mobile push notifications. For example, regarding the entry and exit of the fleet, the length of time in the geofence area, and also to find out what the behavior of the fleet is like.

However, the use of geofencing does not stop there, nowadays there are many businesses that use geofencing such as:

real estate
Tourist attraction
Transportation services
And many more

For a business that is engaged in shipping, of course, it is very important to have a geofencing system to track transportation fleets efficiently. Geofencing technology itself can be applied in almost all types of transportation fleets, both land, sea, and air. That way, you don’t need to be fixated on just one type of delivery.