What Is Floor Hardener?

What Is Floor Hardener?
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Floor hardener is a powder or powder material then sprinkled on wet concrete, and then done trowel finish so that the result will form a solid and hard surface, but smooth and flat. Doing a floor hardener is useful to increase the level of hardness in concrete, abrasion ability, and also minimize the surface of your concrete floor. Aside from that, if you need to harden the floor of your garage, we recommend you to call the best epoxy floor coating michigan.

Floor Hardener Finish Trowel is very commonly used in garage floors, warehousing areas, parking areas, factory / industrial areas, and floor areas that require traffic and hard load levels. The level of consumption needs for Floor Hardener Finish Trowel material is also adjusted to the traffic conditions that occur on a concrete floor, for example as follows:

For traffic needs that are not high alias low, for example in a small warehouse or garage, then the consumption is enough 3 kg / m2.

For medium traffic needs for example on the floor of the factory area and parking area, it can consume 5 kg / m2.

And for high traffic needs, for example on others who use heavy equipment, the consumption is 7 kg / m2.

Floor hardener in the form of powder or powder must be applied to basic concrete, sometimes it becomes an obstacle. For example, the concrete cast area has high traffic during the project. If Floor Hardener is applied directly, then the floor will be passed by the traffic vehicle project, whereas ideally, the application for Floor Hardener is at the end of the project.

Well, roughly this is an overview of how Floor Hardener or Finish Trowel works in general and understanding.

That’s it for the info that we may share with you this time, we hope it helps you to know more about floor coating and floor hardening services, so you may choose the ones that suit you best in the future.