What Do You Know About Slate?

What Do You Know About Slate?
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People have their own reasons when they choose welsh slate house signs. House sign is important but you may have the doubt in choosing the right one. There are various house sign materials. Each of them provides pros and cons. If you are interested in welsh slate material, you must first know a few things.

Slate is derived from shale-type sedimentary rock of clay. Quartz and muscovite are the compositions of slate. You can also find some compound mineral in slate. They include iron, oxide, magnesium oxide, silicone dioxide, and many more.

You are going to choose the slate but you don’t know which color is most suitable. You will make the house sign made of slate. You can choose the slate color based on the color of your home. Slate mineral compositions determine its color. Slates range from the shade of light to dark grey. Fortunately, we can also obtain colored slate.

You can measure the hardness of slate through the Mohs scale. People usually use the 1 to 10 scale when they identify the mineral. For your information, slate is considered between 2.5 to 4 on the scale in terms of hardness. It means that the scale is as hard as marble and limestone on average. However, granite and natural quartz are harder than slate.

You may find welsh slate house sign products easily. You must also know that slate becomes material of some product, serving food for instance. The dark color of natural stone brightens your foods as a serving plate. Aside from that, slate is very strong and it is also food safe.

Slate plates are not just for foods. You can use them when you redesign your bathroom. You can use them to put candles because you can peel right off if the wax spills over. In addition, it provides a fireproof.