Very Delicious Italian Food

Very Delicious Italian Food
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Pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, to tiramisu are familiar foods around you. In fact, there are various variations that make the dishes even more interesting to taste. Did you know that all that food comes from Italy? Correct! Pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, and tiramisu are Italian specialties that have been worldwide, up to Indonesia. Not only that, there are also other Italian delicacies on Italian restaurants that you should know.

This dish is often an appetizer or appetizer in Italy. Bruschetta is made of crispy toasted bread seasoned with garlic, salt, basil, olive oil and topped with tomatoes. There is also another variation of bruschetta that has chicken liver and kale topping on top.

Not only famous for its pasta dishes, Italy also has a menu of dishes in the form of soup. One of them is Ribollita, this popular soup is made from bread and vegetables and has a thick texture. The traditional Ribollita recipe usually includes parmesan cheese and crispy slices of Italian bread, but nowadays there are also those that don’t use cheese and bread. This soup will usually be cooked the day before and will be warmed the next day when you want to eat it.

This traditional food is made from boiled cornflour and then adds cheese and butter or oil afterward, it takes a long time to make while constantly stirring. Usually, polenta can be served hot or cold, when it is hot it will be shaped like porridge. Polenta can be served cold, usually, when the polenta is cooked it will be cooled until it hardens so that it can be cut into pieces, then grilled or fried. In some areas in Italy, such as in Corsica, the flour used is not only cornflour but can use flour from barley.

Zuppa Toscana
Zuppa Toscana or better known as Zuppa soup is already very famous in the world, this dish is one of the dishes that is always found when there are events such as weddings or gatherings. Zuppa soup is famous for its creamy and savory soup and croissant-style pastry placed on a bowl like a hat covering the soup underneath. In its manufacture, to get a pastry that expands well it takes a high temperature when baking it.