Variety of Hair Treatments at Beauty Salons that are Worth Trying

Variety of Hair Treatments at Beauty Salons that are Worth Trying
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Healthy, shiny, and soft hair is the dream of almost everyone. To achieve this goal, maintaining healthy hair with treatments at a beauty salon is one option. What are the types of hair treatments at the salon? You may already be familiar with hair treatments, such as cream baths, hair spas, and hair masks offered at beauty salons. Even so, there are various ways to treat hair at other hair salon in Columbia SC that you should try to avoid hair damage.

Keratin treatment
Keratin is a type of protein that can be found in hair, nails, and skin. Well, this salon treatment uses a cream that contains formaldehyde and is applied to the hair. Then, the cream will be given heat and spread on the hair. The combination of formaldehyde cream, heat, and pressure will react with the keratin in the hair. As a result, dry and curly hair will be much softer. Even so, keratin hair treatment at this salon certainly has the following side effects that need attention. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a pungent odor that can cause various reactions when sprayed into the eyes or absorbed into the skin.

Hair shaft and root care
Basically, hair shaft and root treatments can be done at home using various natural ingredients. However, it turns out that this can be done at the salon without the hassle of preparing the ingredients. There are various hair shaft and root treatments that you can choose from at the salon. The three ways that are quite popular below can restore the health of the hair roots.

Hair creambath, which is massaging the scalp with cream to treat the hair roots.
Hair spa to nourish hair roots and maintain healthy hair follicles.
Hair mask (hair mask) to deal with hair loss that is quite severe.

These three treatments are also believed to help hair growth. The reason is, all three have a scalp massage process that can improve blood circulation in the head and provide a calming relaxing effect.