Using a shoelace and blood pressure measuring tool to open a car door

Using a shoelace and blood pressure measuring tool to open a car door
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Shoelaces can only be used on the car door lock button that is pulled up. This method is very simple but you have to be a little patient. Make a living knot with your shoelace in the middle. Shape the shoelace into a circle, take one end of the rope and make it cross like x with the other end of the rope. Hold it right at the intersection of the x string using your thumb and index finger. Aside from that, contact the trusted Washington DC locksmith if you need an expert’s help to open your car door.

Meanwhile, your right-hand makes the right side of the rope become a lump right next to the circle you have made before. Then insert the protrusion on the right side into the circle on the left. Hold the circle on the left and make sure not to cover it completely and finish the cover by pulling both ends of the string.

After the rope is ready, insert the rope into the door through the top corner of the door by sliding the rope until the rope can enter the door. The rope that has been entered must be ensured to be in the car with the knot that has been made near the door lock of your car. Tie the rope knot tightly, after feeling tight pull the key lever so that your car door will open.

Use the Blood Pressure Measuring Instrument

Open a little corner of your upper door, if your fingers are not strong enough to pull it, then look for plastic items that don’t need to be thick as long as you can make a slight gap in the car door.

Insert the blood pressure gauge in the gap you have made before. Then the air into the tool until it expands.

Don’t pump too long because it will cause your door to detach. Not finished until here, make a tool that can be used to open the lock button in the car using a strong stick or wire. Insert the tool you choose through the gap that has been made using a blood pressure measuring instrument, find the location of your key and pull it or press the door lock to open it.