Types of Security Guards

Types of Security Guards
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There are several kinds of security guards, so it’s important to allocate the right security personnel to the right security assignment. The many categories of security guards and the services they offer are listed below.

1. Security Officers Hired by the Government
Government agencies frequently use armed and well-trained security personnel. These security officers will be stationed to safeguard and defend the assets and personnel of the government. These security officers can work in a range of environments.

Their main duty is to protect a particular location, like a courthouse or a military command post. They might be required to protect people and property in high-risk situations.

2. On-Site Security Personnel
Companies employ in-house security personnel directly to work for them. They are not employed by a private security company. The businesses that employ these security guards pay them, receive their reports from them, and expect them to perform according to their standards.

Although many nations forbid hiring internal security personnel, certain businesses still do so and are legally allowed to do so.

There are numerous job prospects available for these security guards.
a. Protective guards
b. Industries represented include those in the banking, healthcare, cruise ship, and information security sectors.
c. Hotels and resorts; bouncers at nightclubs; museums

3. Hired Security Personnel
The most typical type of security guard falls within this group. Private security companies employ contract security officers. Customers employ a security company, which assigns security officers to best meet their requirements.