Tips for Choosing a Good Restaurant When Traveling

Tips for Choosing a Good Restaurant When Traveling
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When traveling, especially when going home, finding a restaurant is certainly a challenge. Moreover, if the area we are passing is not familiar. So, how can we judge whether a restaurant is worth visiting or not? While we have never dined there before. Take it easy, there are some tips that you can do to determine which Italian restaurants are worth visiting.

Pay attention to the parking
Before choosing a restaurant, pay attention to the parking space. If the parking lot is dirty—filled with trash, cigarette marks, even directly opposite a trash can—you shouldn’t pull over. Dirty parking lots, windows, and doors indicate that the restaurant is not focused on cleanliness. It is possible if the dining area and kitchen where food is prepared are also not kept clean.

Pay attention to the expressions of the maids
The good and bad management of a restaurant can also be seen from the expressions of its employees. If almost all of the waiters are gloomy and indifferent, it could be that the restaurant we visit has poor quality. If the ‘front view’ doesn’t show any indifference, it’s possible that the dishes we ordered were also cooked carelessly.

See reviews from other visitors
Currently, many restaurants have internet profiles. In fact, applications that allow visitors to write their reviews already exist. Well, we can use it as a reference before visiting the restaurant. Just pay attention to whether most of the reviews written are from influencers or genuine visitors. If many influencers write positive reviews on social media but reviews from visitors say otherwise, chances are that the quality of the restaurant is not that good.

Smell the restaurant
The smell that emanates from the restaurant room can also determine the level of cleanliness. If you smell something unpleasant —stale oil, burnt food, or some other smell that stings your nose — you should turn around and find another restaurant. Kitchens and restaurants that prioritize cleanliness will definitely clean the refrigerator and stove on a regular basis so as to prevent unpleasant odors.