These are the Three Causes Why SEO Techniques Are Not Big Influence on Website Ranking

These are the Three Causes Why SEO Techniques Are Not Big Influence on Website Ranking
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Many people who have run SEO techniques, but their website still can not occupy the first page in the search engine. Actually, there are some things that can make this happen. One of them is inappropriate SEO techniques. Now there is an SEO Company in Hyderabad that can help you in getting the right SEO techniques. Because the SEO techniques that you use will obviously affect the results of the SEO, and whether your website can be on the first page of the search engine or not.

In some cases, there are some websites that have run SEO techniques but cannot occupy the first page of a search engine or even the website ranking there still does not increase. Actually, there are several reasons why this happened. Some of the cause referred to are

  1. Strength of competitors
    Let’s say you are the owner of an online raincoat and are targeting the keyword ‘raincoat’. When ‘raincoats’ are typed into Google, the 10 websites that appear on the first page automatically become your competitors. What SEO services do is strengthen your website’s SEO to be able to compete with the ten SEO websites. This sometimes works, but sometimes it also fails, especially if the ten websites are also powered by other SEO services, so the competition becomes a battle between SEO services.
  2. Competitive keywords
    No wonder indeed when many people assume that keywords are important for SEO, because if the selection of keywords is wrong, then the results of SEO will also be bad. This is because the selected keywords are very competitive and cause you to be unable to get more attention from internet visitors who are looking for certain keys.
  3. Website reputation
    For example, if your website used the blackhat SEO before and it will cause banned by Google, or hosting servers that are often down. Or the last case is when that website has too long to loading and make everyone feel so annoyed.