There Are Several Reasons To Choose Motion Graphic For Your Company Profile

There Are Several Reasons To Choose Motion Graphic For Your Company Profile

Motion graphics can be considered as an animated video. Motion graphics can be in the form of 2D, 3D animation to the GIF format. However, now motion graphics take the most minimalist 2D animation style with a blend of attractive colors. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why motion graphics can be the right choice for your company profile. Additionally, if you wish to make a luxurious advert for a large company, we recommend you to use the service of Video mapping saudi arabias.

Here are some of the reasons for using motion graphics for your company profile:

The possibilities are endless

Motion Graphics provide unlimited possibilities. Especially with the help of an animation, you can make animals talk, plants dance, urban buildings change shape and various other narrative possibilities. In addition, motion graphics also make things that previously seemed impossible, possible. Many have also combined live-action video with motion graphics.

The message delivered in the form of motion graphics is also certainly different from the message that is conveyed if making a video in the form of live-action only.

Easy to remember

Motion graphics can be presented with various styles. Often, motion graphics take a simple design so that the message delivered becomes easier to remember. With simple graphics, you can convey complicated data to make it much easier to understand. After all, who doesn’t like a company profile in the form of motion graphics?


If you compare the costs incurred to make a live-action video with motion graphics video, the difference is certainly far. From a technical point of view, live-action video requires more equipment and resources, while motion graphics can be done indoors. Of course, both creative processes have the same portion.


Unlike film images that cannot be changed except the color, because all motion graphics assets are made from zero, then motion graphics can be changed and adjusted as needed. This convenience is suitable for rebranding or making a different marketing kit each month.


Most motion graphics are made with a duration of 30 seconds to 3 minutes. With its short duration, motion graphics are suitable to be installed on social media. Facebook says that watching just 10 seconds of motion graphics, brand awareness can be further improved.