There Are Important Reasons Why Our Houses Must Stay Clean

There Are Important Reasons Why Our Houses Must Stay Clean
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The hygiene of our houses is always important. The experts suggest that we all don’t underestimate the cleanliness of the house. The furniture and dust, as well as the floor or whatever, is in the house and dirty is said to increase the risk of cancer and the risk of infertility in the body’s reproductive system. Not only that, a less clean environment or house also allows someone to experience premature aging faster than they should. Apart from that, if you need to hire experts who can improve the hygiene of your house, you may want to call the best home improvement company near your area.

The experts revealed that if the house is not maintained cleanliness is very possible to experience the spread of bacteria and germs that cause various diseases. In fact, the house which was previously considered to have been neat and clean, not infrequently this also still has bacteria, germs, and chemicals that are harmful to health.

Scientists from George Washington University revealed that chemicals and germs that mix with dust and dirt at home have a very bad effect on health. It is also possible to increase the risk of cancer, infertility in the reproductive system and feelings of discomfort or stress. In children, conditions that are not clean house are also prone to cause the risk of asthma, the risk of decreased IQ ability and the risk of skin problems.

To avoid this problem, experts further suggest that everyone maintain the cleanliness of the house properly. Sweeping and mopping the floor is a very important thing to do every day at least 2 times a day. The experts also suggest that we all clean and wash our hands as often as possible, change pillows and bed linen regularly at most once a month and maintain good bathroom cleanliness.

Dr. Robin Dodson, a scientist from Silent Spring Institute, Massachusetts said that everyone must maintain the cleanliness of the house if he wants to have a healthy body. Meanwhile, a writer based on the authorship of health problems Dr. Veena Singla said that the cleanliness and health of a person’s body are determined by the lifestyle that is run and how much he maintains cleanliness around him.