Theater Reviews: Broadway Theater, New York

Theater Reviews: Broadway Theater, New York
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Visiting New York, it would be incomplete if you did not visit the famous Tater Broadway around the world. Visiting the venue will make you feel that you have been in New York. This tater is the most recognizable professional theater form in America and the most moneymaking for cast members there. Even the technicians and others involved there will also be rewarded at a reasonable price. This theater is located in the area Theatre District, Manhattan, New York.

Some popular performances that have been held there are
– The Book of Mormon
– Wicked
– The Lion King
– The Phantom of the Opera
– Kinky Boots
– Jersey Boys
– Cinderella
– Matilda and many others who love if you miss while there.

Broadway theater refers to a performance, usually a drama or musical, which appears in one of 39 professional theaters with a capacity of 500 seats or more. Broadway shows have historically been regarded as works made for the consumption of the masses and not the artistic “artistic” theater works as produced by other theaters outside New York.

Because of the magnitude of Broadway’s name and influence in the theater world, many Hollywood actors and actresses also play here. Noted there are Nathan Lane, Cicely Tyson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Aaron Carter, Elizabeth A. Davies and Orlando Bloom, Bette Midler, Allan Cumming, Sigourney Weaver.

This theater is always known to give birth to various big names that are currently known in the world. So, no wonder if many people, especially tourists who really want to visit the place and always amazed by the various performances that are there. Actually, Broadway is one of the main street names in New York. This great road splits the island of Manhattan from south to north and has existed since New York was named New Amsterdam. This street is the center of popular commercial theater art in New York and America.

Along with this road stands thirty-nine large theater buildings, each with a capacity of at least five hundred seats. Not infrequently also the size of 1400 spectators.
Not to mention dozens of smaller theater buildings scattered around Broadway known as Off-Broadway.

If you are there, then do not miss out on the road and especially be at the Broadway Theater which is very interesting for tourists and even the various people who ever come there.
From the many satisfied tourists who are there and even there you will also enjoy the best performances that ever exist then the place is worthy of a value with 5 stars from 5 stars that can be given. There are already many people who really like the place and are satisfied with the things that are there. If you visit New York, make sure you are there though in a short time.

Make sure that you enjoy the classy entertainment that you can only enjoy there. So, do not miss the place from the list of places you want to visit while in New York, USA.