The prices and external factors in choosing a storage

The prices and external factors in choosing a storage
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Choosing a warehouse location cannot be done carelessly. There are several studies conducted comprehensively before determining the location of a warehouse. The criteria for choosing a warehouse location also apply to those of you who want to build a warehouse or rent a warehouse. Aside from that, you can also check out the excellent RV Storage Casa Grande.

There are prices and external factors that will affect your storage choice greatly.

Costs that must be incurred

There are several costs that you spend and need to get attention when choosing a warehouse location


Is the price that must be paid to get the warehouse location, can be from the price of the land or the selling price/warehouse rental. Prices will be related to the value of the location.

Wage standards for workers

Pay attention to the standard wages for workers that apply at the warehouse location that you will choose. In each region, there are regulations that regulate minimum wages. Make sure that the standard wage is in accordance with the budget that you plan to pay for workers.

Transportation costs

What is the transportation cost needed to move goods from the warehouse location you choose the destination, such as your customer?

Tax incentives

In some locations, the government offers tax incentives to generate investment attractiveness. Pay attention to the tax structure that governs the location. Whether other than the applicable general tax regulation there is a special tax that is imposed to operate a warehouse. Also must be ascertained regarding the financial incentive policy at that location.

Handling Cost

In some regions, special fees are applied to handle loading and unloading. You have to make sure there are additional costs for loading and unloading at that location.

External factors

government policy

Government policies such as industrial regulations that apply regionally and locally must be known and understood. In addition, be sure to find out the planning/mapping of the development of the trade and industry area in the chosen location.

Political and security stability

Although warehouse operations are actually not related to political activities, political stability will ensure that warehouse activities are not disrupted. In terms of security, it must also be ensured that law enforcement is running at that location.