The Facts About Quartz Worktops And Why You Must Choose It

The Facts About Quartz Worktops And Why You Must Choose It
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Counter tables are usually found on the surface of kitchen tables and are usually coated with shiny materials such as those made of ceramic or quartz stone. Counter tables made of quartz are chosen by many residents because they look attractive. Quartz stone is actually relatively new because the material from the new quartz was used at the counter since the 90s. However, in a not too long time, quartz was able to become a competitor of other counter table materials such as granite and marble. Nowadays, many homeowners start to consider the great advantages of choosing quartz worktops.

Maybe you are planning to renovate your kitchen by using quartz stone as the base material for your counter. Before you go to the renovation stage, it would be better if you look for information regarding the material you are going to use. The following are some facts about quartz that you must know.

The quartz counter is technically not real quartz

Many people think that counter tables made of quartz are directly mined from an exotic place and then cut into slabs and then placed on the table surface. Somehow, the reality is not like that. Even though there is a mineral material called quartz which is of course mined, but this is not quartz which is usually found at kitchen counter tables.

Quartz counters are included in the eco-friendly category
Almost everyone chooses to have furniture in a home that is environmentally friendly especially if the person is very fond of doing renovations. Because some elements in the house must be replaced frequently, therefore, choosing environmentally friendly furniture is a must. If you are looking for green choices for your counter, then it is very suitable if quartz material is the first choice.

Quartz does not require extra care
The strong reason why quartz is right placed on the surface of your kitchen counter is because of its easy maintenance. To clean the counter counter made of quartz, you only need to use water and also a soft cloth to clean the surface. If you want to clean thoroughly, you just add a mild detergent that can clean the dirt that sticks perfectly.