Simple tricks for repairing the dents on your car by yourself

Simple tricks for repairing the dents on your car by yourself

However, you should not have to worry when you encounter an event like this. Why? Because you can actually repair the dented car parts without having to go to the workshop for body repair. The method used is also quite easy, the tools needed can also be easily found. Well, this method can also be anticipated or even a solution when dented problems in the car come over. So, you don’t have to bother calling a mechanic’s shop for body repair. The budget that you spend is not much. So how to fix this dented car is really a reference. Aside from that, we highly recommend you to check out hail repair near me, if you’re not confident to remove the dents by yourself.

Then how is it done? Check out the full info below:

Hair Dryer and Carbon dioxide

The step to repair a dented car without the first body repair is fairly easy. You only need to prepare very simple equipment, which is in the form of a Hair Dryer and carbon dioxide liquid.

After having prepared the materials and tools used. Now it’s just the work step. First, point the Hair Dryer to the dented car body. Wait until the temperature gets warm or hot. After that, spray the overall carbon dioxide into the dented part while rearranging it or pressing it back into its original shape.

Rubber hammer

This method is also fairly easy and does not use complicated. Yes, you only need to prepare a tool in the form of a rubber hammer. How to position the concave part on the outside body on the tap or tap slowly from the inside.


Another step to overcoming the problem of a dent in the car you can also try using a vacuum. This tool is now being sold in minimarkets and auto parts stores. The way this tool works is to suck the basin on the body of the car until it is lifted back to its original position.

Even though it sounds easy, using this tool also requires expertise. For a body plate as thick as 1 mm or 2 mm, it is rather difficult if you are not familiar.