Requirements to do Veneer

Requirements to do Veneer
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A veneer is one of the most popular trends. Are you one of those who plan to carry out this one procedure? Wait a minute. Because not all teeth can be veneer. Before deciding to do this treatment, you can visit dentist West columbia sc to ask about this procedure.

Many people are interested in veneering because this procedure can enhance your appearance, especially when smiling. Actually, the veneer aims to improve the appearance of damaged or disproportionate teeth plus improve the color. But now, it is in great demand for teeth whitening. Veneers are one of the dental repair procedures aimed at the front teeth. The goal is to improve the shape and arrangement of teeth instantly with more proportional results. Veneers are shells that are made to resemble teeth to then be attached to the outer surface of tooth enamel. That way, the appearance of teeth that had been less proportional became better. However, it is important to know that not everyone can do veneers for their teeth, there are conditions that may and may not be carried out in this procedure.

There are several conditions that make a veneer procedure should not be done, such as:

Teeth that are too tenuous
Teeth whose arrangement is too overlapping
Teeth that are too advanced
Damaged teeth like decay

After determining that you are in the category of veneers, the dentist will make several plans. One of them includes determining the color and shape that fits your problem. In addition, the doctor will also make calculations about how many teeth need to be sharpened or filed. In this process, the dentist will do the calculation because too much grinding can make the teeth sensitive after the procedure. You also don’t need to worry about pain or aches that may arise during the procedure. Because the experienced dentist will usually provide anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

An important key in veneers is finding doctors who are experienced in their fields. The goal is that you not only get maximum results but also still get comfort when the procedure takes place.