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The founders of ITSM Academy, Lisa Schwartz and Jayne Groll, “grew up” in the world of Help Desks. As our careers progressed, we graduated to Senior Management roles within our organizations. While our titles and responsibilities differed, our mutual passion for quality IT Services kept us on parallel paths.
As the first wave of IT Service Management (ITSM) and ITIL® reached the shores of the United States, we were both hooked. An internationally accepted collection of best practices focused on reducing IT costs and improving customer satisfaction was here. We had to get our arms around this! So, like many of you, our research began. It became obvious to us that education and networking would be our first steps. Local resources were limited – so we gathered some colleagues to help start the South Florida itSMF USA Local Interest Group (LIG). We also began the hunt for quality ITIL training. At the time, options were very limited. As they say, one thing led to another…
To help fill the void, in 2003, we founded ITSM Academy and set our sights on developing “Americanized” training content and achieving Accreditation. From the start, we were committed to building content of the highest possible quality.
By 2005, we had developed in-house, all available ITIL Training, including Service Manager.
In 2006, we were recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as a Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), allowing our alumni to earn PDUs.
In 2007, the “new” ITIL Qualification Scheme was introduced and we became the first US organization to achieve Accreditation. Again, we developed all of the courseware in-house, expanding the Courseware Licensing opportunities for our partners and clients.
2012 – 2013 we rolled out our game based learning (GBL) GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience® and our Learner Portal –
In 2014, ITSM Academy expanded the educational framework to include Agile Service Management® and DevOps Foundation. We were the first organization globally to become a Registered Education Provider (REP) of the DevOps Institute.
In 2016, we introduced DevOps Campus and continued to roll out the DOI DevOps Practitioner Series of courses.
In 2017, we on-boarded more classes into our DevOps Campus, and forged relationships with industry leaders, “converting them” to trainers.

In 2018, we partnered with CitrusCollab, to deliver Employee Experience courses, including eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) training.
2018/2019, we participated in ITIL 4 development and beta, delivering one of the first ITIL 4 foundation classes globally. As AXELOS releases the rest of the ITIL 4 “certification scheme”, ITSM Academy will remain on the forefront of ITIL training.
In 2019, we revamped our Public Classroom Learning Credits program, making it even simpler to maximize not just training dollars, but the type of education your learners receive.
In 2020, we hunkered down, and released 11 new courses – including completing the ITIL 4 scheme and additional Employee Experience (XLA) accredited classes.
By now, you’ve likely researched more than one training provider. What makes ITSM Academy different? Why should you choose us?
“Our business values are founded in trust, loyalty, professionalism and long term relationships. We provide personalized solutions based on those same values and built on the foundation on our own experiences – as IT Professionals.”

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