Make a Web Design That Matches Your Brand

Make a Web Design That Matches Your Brand
Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry

To be able to determine a good and good site design you don’t have to be an artist or a graduate of the visual design faculty. I have a few simple tips that you can apply to every site you build. By sticking to a few simple things below, you can choose for yourself which site design is suitable and right for your site according to web design Jacksonville.

Pay attention to the selection and color combination. Don’t let the colors you choose collide, in the sense that they look so contrasting. Or vice versa, very dim with a strange color combination that is not easy to see, but actually makes the eyes hurt to see it. If the base color is dark, then choose a lighter font color so that it can be seen/read. If you design your own supporting images to be displayed on the site, then make them in a color that matches the dominant color on your site.

Pay attention to the supporting pictures. For example, if you are building a culinary site, the supporting images should be pictures of food and not pictures of animals. Although maybe your food is talking about certain animal meat problems. Also choose a color and image shape that matches the background color and available space, so that it can be proportional.

Pay attention to the use of fonts. Both in terms of size and font selection, it must be proportional and comfortable for everyone to read. Use fonts that are common and easy to read by others, don’t use fonts that are too artistic for non-design themed blogs.

Pay attention to the neatness of the blog by placing all forms of supporting elements in the right places. If you have lots of banners and text ads, then place them in the right place, easy and easy on the eyes. Don’t put too many banners and advertisements in one blog, and if there are, arrange them so that they look neat and don’t seem “scattered” unless your site is 100% for the purpose of getting profit from placing banners and text ads.