Know the Procedure for Installing Dental Veneers Here

Know the Procedure for Installing Dental Veneers Here
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The number of people who care about the beauty of their teeth makes many dental beauty clinics appear. For that, you must choose the most appropriate and according to your needs. You can visit Tannklinikk Sandefjord to get the right dental beauty treatment and according to what you want. However, before making a dental veneer you must know the installation procedure in advance.

Please also note that dental veneers must be done on all teeth and not just a few teeth, this is to make the appearance of the teeth as perfect and maximal as possible. The first step in the installation of dental veneers is to match the size, shape, and color of the teeth with the dental veneer that will be installed. If needed, the dental veneer will be eroded so that it looks suitable. After being matched, the doctor will clean the surface of the tooth that will be fitted with a veneer carefully to make sure the tooth surface is clean of bacteria and avoid damage.

The dentist will do the tooth enamel grinding again, so that the tooth surface becomes rough, making it easier for the veneer to stick to the tooth surface and stick to it longer. The veneer is then affixed to the teeth using special cement to stick firmly. Ultraviolet light can be used to help dry the cement material faster. The process of installing this veneer is approximately 30 minutes.

If you feel that it is sticking properly, the doctor will make the final veneer arrangement to make sure the veneer sticks well and removes the remaining cement material. The doctor will test the patient’s ability to bite after being fitted with a veneer. The doctor will also arrange a schedule of controls to ensure the veneer is properly installed.

After the installation procedure is done, usually patients can eat and drink as usual. There are no restrictions at all for patients who have just undergone dental veneers. however, usually, they will feel their teeth become rather rough because there is still tooth cement left and stuck to the teeth. The remaining cement will usually be eroded by itself.