How to Get Rid Tartar in Adults

How to Get Rid Tartar in Adults
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The tartar is a mineral deposit, which occurs because the remaining food attached to the plaque on the enamel of the tooth crown is not cleaned properly. Food will harden and become tartar which causes a decrease in the gums, rocking and easily dated teeth, bleeding gums, and bad breath. Tartar is the dirt in the mouth that sticks to the teeth for a long time so that over time it will harden and become petrified so it is difficult to clean with food scraps.

Treatment of adult tartar cannot be done alone at home. Because tartar is formed in areas that are difficult to clean, namely the area between the teeth, the neck of the teeth near the gums and in areas where there are overlapping teeth. Therefore you must visit mount prospect dentist. The tartar care tool is a scaler and the name of the tartar treatment is called scaling. That is the removal of tissue diseases such as tartar and others. There are 3 types of scaler tools, including:

– Manual
– Supersonic
– Ultrasonic

This tool is more popular today because it is faster, easier, and minimizes pain when cleaning tartar in adults. If you want to treat your teeth to avoid tartar, you can try the following suggestions:

– Clean with a toothbrush using the right technique and frequency

– Use dental floss for additional mechanical cleaning of crowded teeth, which cannot be reached by a toothbrush.

– Using mouthwash as an antibacterial for the oral cavity (use and dosage can be seen in the mouthwash packaging instructions)

– Eat fruits that contain lots of vitamin C (eg kiwi fruit and strawberries) to maintain gum health.

– Consume green vegetables that contain fiber for cleaning teeth naturally.

– Avoid bad habits such as smoking, and reduce the habit of drinking tea or coffee.

– Perform dental health checks to the dentist regularly (usually every 6 months, but each individual needs different).