How to Clean the Kitchen Window with Vinegar

How to Clean the Kitchen Window with Vinegar
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Sundays are usually used as a day of relaxing and lazing, also used as a day to clean the house of all kinds of germs and dirt. The kitchen area is certainly not forgotten to become one of the areas of the house that must be cleaned. Well, it’s just right with the tips window cleaning dallas will share.

The kitchen area is well known as one of the areas in the house that is full of a million germs and bacteria. Starting from the kitchen stove area, kitchen sink, kitchen tools to the kitchen window. Then now, what if you clean the kitchen starting from cleaning the kitchen window first.

Material :

White vinegar
Hot water
Measuring cup
Spray bottle
Dish soap
Cleaning cloth

First, make a mixture of white vinegar with hot water first. For comparison, the size is adjusted to the size of the spray bottle you are using. For example, if you use a small bottle of 100 ml white vinegar, you should prepare 500 ml of hot water. Stir well.

Then after the vinegar solution is well mixed, transfer it to a spray bottle. If you are afraid that the vinegar solution spills and spills when put in a spray bottle, you should use a funnel to facilitate the transfer process.

Then after the process of transferring the vinegar solution to the bottle, the spray is complete. Close the spray bottle tightly, then gently shake so that the vinegar solution is evenly mixed and perfect. Then before starting to clean the entire kitchen window, you should try it first to the corner of the window. If after being sprayed the window is still not clean too, then it is better before cleaning the kitchen window, drop some solution of dish soap and then spray the vinegar solution you made earlier!

If the tester above succeeds in making the kitchen window clean, then it’s time to start cleaning all areas of the kitchen window thoroughly from top to bottom. However, if the location of the high kitchen window you should use a ladder to clean it.

After spraying with a vinegar solution, take a cloth or cleaning cloth then rub the vinegar solution evenly to make the kitchen window clean and shiny!