Hotel Reviews: Fairfield Inn & Suites, New York

Hotel Reviews: Fairfield Inn & Suites, New York
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New York is definitely the most popular city in the whole world. Therefore, it’s normal to see it as a city which never sleeps, while the tourist’s destinations are calling the visitors from every corner of the earth. That’s why for any travelers, having a great and reliable home base is necessary when they’re visiting the Big Apple. So, in order to help those who require a truly safe sanctuary for them to recover their strength after visiting the city, we recommend them to stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites.

Although it isn’t the most luxurious and expensive hotel in the city, you can expect that they know how to run their business professionally. It isn’t just about a pretty place to sleep with a beautiful interior and exterior designs, but you can expect the whole-heart service which can make you miss your time in that particular traveler’s base in NYC. As you can expect, when it comes down to a base, you bet a strategic location is necessary, and it’s actually the thing which makes this hotel one of the finest adventurer’s bases in this part of the USA.

It takes you only a little bit of a walk before you reach the blue or red line subways. It’s definitely allowing so many travelers and workers alike to ride the subway train and reach their destinations around the New York faster and easier from their hotel. Usually, a hotel which is located near such a convenient facility may have a high-price, even if their services are mediocre. However, with Fairfield Inn & Suites, you can rest assured, due to they know how to put the prices which are keeping them to stay in the business, all the while not burning their guest’s wallet.

It’s not just that, you know. As a traveler, it’s normal for you or any other people with adventurous souls for wanting to visit the famous parts of the New York, such as the Theatre District and the Times Square. Yes, no traveler can consider themselves to have visited this city without visiting at least the Time Square itself. Fortunately, the owner of this hotel has built his or her hotel very close to those two destinations. You only need to take a walk for a while to reach the Theatre District and the world-famous Times Square.

The standard room in that hotel which is reserved by most of their customers are consisting the usual, yet very necessary things, such as a tub plus its shower, a king size bed, a small drink cooler, and also the jackpot is the magnificent view towards the New York Times Building. Furthermore, don’t worry about the necessity to keep yourself away from thirst, due to they provide their customers with free water bottles in the water cooler. Although the noise from the street can be quite bothersome for some people, if you don’t mind it, then it’d be a suitable hotel for your base camp to explore the city.

However, during the peak periods, the elevators and the breakfast line can be very crowded. Fortunately, their staffs are great in handling the customers well, and it’s also recommended for you to order your breakfast as a takeout container beforehand, and take it to your room without joining the queue.