Hold a wedding reception with a minimal budget

Hold a wedding reception with a minimal budget
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Getting married is one of the dreams of every human being. Many must be prepared from the mentality of the material, especially in terms of costs. It takes quite a lot of money to be able to hold a dream wedding. For those of you who feel your budget is still minimal, there are tips for getting married without making your wallet broken. From starting prewedding to free decorations. Come on, see the tips below! Aside from that, don’t hesitate to call chicago engagement photographers if you need professional photographers with excellent quality of service and affordable price.

1. Form a committee from family and friends

The first tips you can do in order to reduce the budget are not using a WO or Wedding Organizer. Make a family or best friend’s committee to arrange your event on your wedding day. Before you get married, you can also arrange it according to your wishes! This way you can save your budget by around 20-30%. Not bad, right?


2. Prewedding is free

For those of you who still want to prewedding, you can outsmart it by traveling to a place that can be used as a pre-wedding photo background. No need to hire a photographer and clothes for prewedding, just use the clothes you have with a simple theme. If you have difficulty taking photos of yourself and your partner, you can only be your family or best friend to help you take photos. Then you can print prewedding photos according to your budget.

3. Rent a wedding dress

By renting a wedding dress can also reduce the budget. There is no need to sew a wedding dress that now the price can be exorbitant! After all, later it won’t be used again right?

Currently, there are many rental clothes for a wedding package with the parents’ clothes. Certainly of course at a cheaper price than sewing. You just need to prepare a budget that is not too expensive to rent a wedding dress with parents’ clothes.

Your budget emphasis can reach around 10-20%.