Eating at Restaurant Tips During Pandemic

Eating at Restaurant Tips During Pandemic
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In terms of ventilation, eating in the open outdoors is better. Or make sure there is large ventilation in the dining area so that the air can change properly. You can also try our Italian restaurant.

Make sure the place to eat has implemented strict health protocols such as maintaining capacity, checking the body temperature of visitors before entering, providing a place for washing hands and hand sanitizers, restaurant staff always wearing masks and gloves, and having regular health checks for restaurant employees. Then you must ensure that the tables and chairs of the restaurant that will be visited regularly are cleaned. In addition to implementing social distancing, there is a distance limit at the dining table.

You should avoid the buffet dining system and choose restaurants with individual portion menus. Then don’t order too much but order enough menu, considering that it is currently 20 minutes for each person to eat. Furthermore, we urge the public to take advantage of food delivery services from restaurants. This option is safer than eating at the culinary scene directly. However, you must also ensure that the packaged food is neatly sealed, clean, and can be sprayed with alcohol or disinfectant on the outer packaging first.

Eat small portions, because small portions will usually be more easily processed by the body. Small portions can also give Moms the opportunity to taste more of the variety on the menu. After finishing eating all the desired menu, drink peppermint tea. Peppermint tea will help the stomach to digest the incoming food. This tea can also help calm the stomach so it doesn’t churn.

Those are the tips for eating in restaurants during the covid-19 pandemic, don’t forget to always apply health protocols wherever you are.