Different Types Of Pests And Their Treatment

Different Types Of Pests And Their Treatment
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Some of the most effective natural ingredients for repelling insects and other household pests, you can find almost all of them in the kitchen. So, you don’t have to bother anymore because you have a headache thinking about pests that roam the house. This pest control near me method is also easy for you to do yourself.

So that your problem is resolved quickly, yes, there are various ways and natural ingredients that you can try to get rid of them!

1. Ant
If you are one of them then getting rid of him is easy. Have you ever heard of Vaseline petroleum jelly? Yes, this one thing is indeed famous as a skincare product, but this product is also effective as an ant repellent, you know. It is enough to apply a little petroleum jelly to the places where ants frequent. Guaranteed this insect will not pass and dare to come closer again.

2. Wood termites
There is no most effective way to get rid of insects and household pests on this one except to call a professional pest exterminator. However, just for prevention, you can always use varnish periodically on wooden furniture and leave a distance between wooden furniture and the wall so as not to lure these insects back.

3. Caterpillars
Even though caterpillars are not dangerous, if you contact them, their feathers will make your body itch! To prevent this from entering the house, here, you can apply engine oil or lubricant around the area of the house where you find the caterpillar hanging around. It is guaranteed that these insects will not dare to approach because the caterpillars are not strong enough to smell the sharp smell of oil and engine lubricants.

4. Wasps
Well, if you find their nests around the house, they are naturally evicted and without having to kill them. You do this by spraying a mixture of soapy water around the nest. Guaranteed, the wasps will immediately leave and will not come back again.