Causes of Electrical Problem

Causes of Electrical Problem
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Sure, electrical and its installation must be your concern. Until now the case of fire disasters due to electricity is still common. This disaster affects almost all types of existing buildings, you can ask residential electrician Columbia SC. From the type of buildings to public facilities, offices to residential buildings, which resulted in a loss of property and life. The cause of the fire caused by electricity is very complex and diverse. Many of the violations committed by electrical installation actors by using electrical materials and installations that do not refer to the rules and standards apply. This leads to a reduction in the quality of existing electrical installations to customers and communities.

The impact on the wider community is the insecurity and safety of the installation for users and users of electrical energy. With reference to regulations and standards on installation and electrical materials used, it is expected to minimize the occurrence of victims due to electricity.

Quick Instant Connection

The direct short circuit is a short circuit between the phase conduction and the phase or between the phase conduction and the direct neural conduction. This incident is generally short and very fast because the circuit safeguard will work, so as not to cause excessive heat in the delivery.

Indirect Indirect Connection

An indirect short circuit is a short circuit that occurs due to a material linking the phase intermediate with neutral conduction, but the contact current has not activated the safety device to work. So happened Tracking and Sparking in a long time. So it can cause warming in the area around the Tracking and Sparking, which is pointed out as the main trigger of the occurrence of fire due to electricity.

Flow Leak

Leakage occurs when there is a decrease in insulation quality. Both isolating insulation, insulation and splicing system isolation of existing electrical equipment. If this happens continuously, then this current will further damage the cable isolation until exfoliate. One of the early triggers of fire is this sort of thing.

Electric Circuit Connecting and Termination

Electricity splicing and cutting may also cause sparks. Due to the large current, while the switch capacity is smaller than the current through, then sparks may occur. If this condition occurs in a place with a high enough gas content, then an explosion may occur. Similarly, for connection carriers, this may result if the connection system is incorrect.