Cafe Reviews: Blue State Coffee, Boston

Cafe Reviews: Blue State Coffee, Boston
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The development of the coffee world today is growing rapidly, especially among young people. Just for friends chatting and relaxing to the needs of some circles, drinking coffee has evolved into a culture inherent in the community. For you coffee lovers who are on vacation in the land of Uncle Sam, United States, maybe you are looking for some of this place can be a favorite spot to spend time on the weekend with friends and relatives.

To welcome International Coffee Day many cafes in various American states provide the best coffee. From selected coffee beans itself. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages among people. At first, coffee was just a food product, ground coffee beans then added oil and molded into a round like a cookie dough. Now coffee becomes a drink that is part of the lifestyle. In addition to the global network of Starbucks and Dunkin Donat, a lot of good coffee concoctions in America, one of which is Blue State Coffee.

If you want to find a place to enjoy coffee, you can visit Blue State Coffee located at 957 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215. Here are some people’s ratings on this place:

Here are ratings for products and services from peoples:

Coffee (s): Good quality & decent taste, though the cold brew in addition to being quite expensive is really, really bitter.

Espresso Drinks: very good! I can vouch for the regular lattes and the mocha latte, though I’ve not tried their other flavors. My go-to is a large iced Americano ($ 3.48 with tax), which is just right (though not the absolute best, either).

Tea: cannot comment but they have Cascara tea, which is cool and I’d like to try sometime 🙂

Staff: everyone here is really nice and well-trained as baristas. You can tell about the coffee, the right temperature, etc. The only qualm is that the staff/service in general can be quite slow, so do not expect a quick coffee run here.

Not a several people who think that coffee is bad for health. In fact, coffee actually has very good health benefits for our bodies. Research shows that people who regularly consume coffee every day will be more difficult to attack some serious diseases than those who do not consume coffee.

– Coffee can increase energy levels and make us more intelligent
Coffee can reduce fatigue so we become more energetic. This is because coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine which when taken will affect the workings of the brain and produce the effect of “stimulation”. This effect increases the energy level, mood, awareness, and function of the brain.

– Coffee can help you burn fat
Did you know that almost all commercial fat-burning pills contain caffeine? The reason is that caffeine is one of the few natural materials that are proven to help burn fat. Some studies show that caffeine can increase metabolic processes by 3-11%. Other studies have shown that caffeine can increase fat burning by 10% in people suffering from obesity and 29% in people who are not obese. However, it is likely that this effect will be reduced for people who have been drinking coffee for long periods of time.