Benefits of Planting Some Plants

Benefits of Planting Some Plants
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The existence of a garden at home will indeed give a good impact for health. Especially for the air and the environment around the house. however, you also have to find the right lawn care service to be able to cut the grass in your yard neatly. You can use the services of sarasota lawn care sarasota fl to be able to get the results of a neat and orderly cutting of the grass. Therefore, the grass that is not regularly will cause adverse effects on your environment.

Another case with the existing plants in the house, most of the plants in the house can be maintained as decoration. In fact, without much to know it can also provide health benefits. Some of the benefits that can be obtained from the plants at home and in the garden are

1. Helps you to breathe better
Humans can breathe by inhaling oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. And plants do the opposite, this is the main advantage of planting crops around your house. However, keep in mind that plants need lighting from enough sunlight to maximize the process of photosynthesis. The process will stop at night, where almost all plants breathe in oxygen. So, it would be dangerous if you sleep around the plants during the night.

2. Reduce the risk of respiratory disorders
Disturbance of the breathing channel closely related to air quality, one of them due to the amount of dust in the air. The occurrence of respiratory disorders begins with the entry of germs along with dust particles that cause infection or trigger the occurrence of asthma. This is easy to do with low humidity environments. Plants stored in the house can also reduce dust particles by increasing humidity, through evaporation of water from roots or soil deposited on plant pots. One study has proven that with hanging plants, it can reduce indoor dust levels by up to 30% in about three months. The plants themselves, in general, contribute water content in the air layer up to 10%.