Benefit of Electic Bike

Benefit of Electic Bike
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Cycling is now a lifestyle that is being promoted again. If in the past bicycle was the main means of transportation, now cycling is only a hobby or just a game to fill spare time. Modern means of transportation fueled by bicycles so very rarely used again. Only some people who really like bicycles still use bicycles to take them to their daily activities. But in other countries such as China, Japan, and the Netherlands we will often find people in formal clothes riding bicycles to go to work or attend party events. Even in China, seniors don’t want to lose by continuing to ride on bicycles. You can buy it on bike shop Denver colorado.

In addition to electric motors, electric bicycles are now to be excellent. Some of the factors driving the rise of electric bicycle use are aware of the poor environmental pollution caused by the combustion of motorized transportation, the high cost of fuel, and also no tax for this transportation. Very effective to be used to take us to visit family or neighbors in a housing complex, take us to the nearest shopping center, take school children, and even be taken to work.

There are many benefits or advantages of this electric bicycle, including:

There are two choices of power, namely using electricity or can be pedaled. If the wearer is elderly or already tired, can use electricity to use a bicycle.
Very effective for routine activities at close range. For example, sending school children or tutoring. Imagine how many liters of fuel that can be saved every day. Especially if we have more than one child with different school locations and tutoring places.
Relatively safer for the environment. Of course, this is related to gas emissions not produced by this bicycle. But it must be remembered that electric bicycles are obtained from electricity which in its production uses coal as fuel.
In one charge, the bicycle can travel a distance of around 40 – 60 Km. That means it can be used for two days continuously.
There is no tax or obligation to own a permit because the speed that can be run is only 30-40 km/hour. Even so, the shape is very similar to the original motorcycle.